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27 Oct Why Invest in Volunteerism? – in 90 Seconds

There is only one true reason to make an investment in Volunteerism.  That is to serve every human being’s innate need to make the world a better place… for ourselves, our neighbors and our children. And you are in a unique position to help serve that intrinsic need. VolunteerMatters exists to help your organization unleash the power of volunteerism in a...

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17 Oct Volunteerism and Risk Management

We here at VolunteerMatters have been engaged by hundreds of non-profit and for-profit organizations all over the world.  Every engagement includes a risk assessment for their volunteer programs.  In almost every single case there are breakdowns in risk management policy, implementation and enforcement. What we find is that in most cases, there are excellent policies that have been well defined.  They...

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23 Mar Super Volunteers: We Can’t Wait to Be Saved

Every organization has those ultra-dedicated volunteers that can always be counted on.  They’re the people who are ready to dedicate a significant portion of their lives because they believe so strongly in the organization and its mission. They are the mainstay of a lot of organizations, taking on so much that it’s hard to imagine the work getting done without them....

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