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Watch a pre-recorded demo to learn how VolunteerMatters takes a holistic and innovative approach to improving and protecting volunteer programs. It’s not just facilitating volunteer coordination. It’s also about nurturing relationships and creating value – about risk prevention and security – about streamlining operations – about making your entire volunteer program extraordinary.

Mobile Optimized

Your volunteer portal is mobile-responsive, changing its layout based on the device being used so anyone can enjoy the full benefit of the portal regardless of whether they are on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

All system features are completely mobile-native allowing users of all types to perform the full suite of functions from any device. This includes everything from a new volunteer submitting an application, to vetted volunteers managing their schedules and assignments, to administrators who are managing communications, approvals, attendance, and reporting.


Volunteer Portal

The volunteer portal provides a central forum for volunteers and administrators alike. Prospective volunteers can browse a catalog of volunteer opportunities and apply to become an active volunteer. Active volunteers can sign-in to the portal for a more personalized experience. They may apply for new credentials, update their profile, check-in and out of current assignments, sign-up for future needs, and submit feedback surveys for completed assignments. There are also opportunities to participate in online discussions, upload photos and videos from their volunteer experiences, and share assignment and project details on social media.

Impact Metrics

The system automatically calculates impact metrics for each volunteer project (number of volunteers, shifts, hours, etc.). System administrators may also update projects with impact metrics that are calculated outside the system (e.g., number of people helped, funds raised, meals served, etc.) The system aggregates impact metrics across all projects and locations to measure the overall value your volunteer program offers your target beneficiaries.


Volunteer Projects


Create any number of volunteer projects where you can define and advertise your needs for volunteering. A project might be a special event, ongoing program, or any other initiative that requires the support of volunteers. Each project has the flexibility to support multiple types of needs including shift work, item donations, task assignments, and positions. Administrators can easily recall project statistics to understand where needs have been met, where additional resources are required and what the outcomes of the project were – including volunteer feedback and impact metrics.

You may advertise your needs via an online volunteer project catalog – a central resource for volunteers to search, browse and sign-up for your volunteer opportunities. From the catalog they may also use our integrated social media tools to easily post well-branded information about your projects via their favorite social media sites.


VolunteerMatters provides a one-click tool to quickly post information to your organization’s social media networks to advertise volunteer projects.  The system automatically pulls links, headlines, sub-text and images to make certain your posts are well-branded and informative.  In keeping with the true power of social networks, the system also encourages your volunteers to post information about volunteer projects and assignments to their personal social network.  Each time a volunteer signs-up to work a shift, donate an item, perform a task, or fill a position the system prompts them to promote their contribution to their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and more.


The system provides automated communications to notify administrators when action is required, confirm sign-ups, remind volunteers about upcoming assignments, thank volunteers for fulfilled assignments and request their feedback via surveys. Administrators may also manually initiate communications to invite potential and active volunteers to sign up for specific needs. Invitees can be selected from the contact database according to skills, interests, and preferences. All system communications use attractive and well-branded templates designed specifically for your organization.

Copy of Communication


Gone are the days of paper sign-up sheets and manual data entry.  Volunteers may sign-in and out of their assignments from their personal mobile device.  The system can even perform geo-locating to assure the volunteer is in the same physical location as their assignment.  Your volunteers can also check-in and out from a dedicated, on premise, or roaming kiosk.  The kiosk can run on a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Copy of AutoAttendance_trans



VolunteerMatters provides integrated background checks in cooperation with industry-leading partners. Volunteer coordinators can tailor background check requirements based on the task your volunteers will be asked to perform as well as the people they’ll be working with.   Whenever a background check is required, the volunteer is prompted to self-submit an application. If a background “clean” check is returned, the volunteer is automatically approved to fulfill their assignments.  Since more than 90% of background checks do not contain any convictions, this greatly reduces the manpower required to run and review checks.  In the less than 10% of cases where a background check requires review, the system will notify designated administrators to review the background check report for approval.  With our solution, the volunteer is presented with the option to assume the cost of their background check.  When given the choice, more than 20% of volunteers choose to pay for their own check, saving dollars that can have an impact elsewhere in your budget.



Ensure your volunteers have the proper credentials for the work they perform on behalf of your organization. Credentials may include:

  • Electronic signature of legal statements (e.g., liability waiver, child abuse prevention policy, photo release, etc.)
  • Certifications (e.g., CPR, childcare, driving, personal training, training, legal, medical, etc.)
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks

A credential may be required of all volunteers (e.g., electronically signing a liability waiver) or it may only be required when taking on certain roles or positions (e.g., background check, medical certification, drivers license, etc.)  When a volunteer attempts any action within the system that requires a credential the volunteer does not have, they are prompted to apply for that credential.

Credential applications may be automatically approved or require an approval process.  The system alerts administrators to any credentials that require action.  Credentials can also have rules to automatically expire after a certain number of months or on a particular day of the year – requiring the volunteer to re-apply.


Meet the Need


How successful was this project in meeting the needs of the community?

Your Contribution


How important was your role in contributing to this project’s success?

Participate Again


How likely would you be to participate in this volunteer experience again?

Each time your volunteer has completed a volunteer assignment, the system will send out an automated survey request prompting them to rate their experience and optionally provide a written narrative further explaining their rating.  To maintain or improve trends, administrators can run reports to better understand how the organization has performed in the delivery of the volunteer experience.

Volunteer Contact Database

Maintain a database of volunteer contact information, background check status, credentials, certifications, interactions, communications, and a full history of the projects, events and initiatives in which they have participated. The system provides the ability to define any number of contact lists. You can customize a filter for each list so that only certain types of contacts are included (e.g., volunteers with specific qualifications, preferences, or interests).  You may use these lists to quickly select volunteers for communications, reports, exports, and assignments.

Volunteer Application

Your new application form will be hosted with VolunteerMatters and styled with your organization’s branding so the applicant feels as if they never left your website.  With our application processing you may request any type of information including personal contact Information, volunteer’s skills, interests, availability, and preferences. Designate which fields are required and which should appear or hide depending on how the applicant may have answered an earlier question.   This adaptive approach simplifies the application by eliminating irrelevant questions whenever possible, while also allowing the volunteer to elaborate further when necessary.


Moving to an online process encourages consistency in volunteer vetting, eliminates paperwork, centralizes documentation, and ensures an efficient and convenient process for volunteers.


Risk Mitigation

VolunteerMatters mitigates institutional risk through the use of systematic and automated processes for legal waivers, background checks, and credentials.  VolunteerMatters tracks the status of each, provides a review process, sends notifications when items change, and automatically restricts a volunteer’s activity based on an improper status of any of these elements. Depending on the severity of the compliance issue, a volunteer may be removed from future assignments, prevented from signing-up for new needs, or restricted from signing-in to a project or facility via an attendance kiosk.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. VolunteerMatters runs in the Amazon Cloud which is the best-of-class cloud platform serving hundreds of thousands of organizations world-wide.  It means your systems will run reliably and securely, providing scalable and elastic access to storage, bandwidth and processing power.  Perhaps most importantly, being a part of the Amazon network provides the ability to accelerate the release of new features you will enjoy as part of your affordable product subscription.



With a mature application program interface (API), VolunteerMatters can be integrated with 3rd party services or your internal systems to seemlessly exchange of data, creating efficiencies and improving the volunteer experience.   This includes the ability to either authenticate users of other services against VolunteerMatters’ authentication service or authenticate VolunteerMatters users against your service.  Past projects have integrated VolunteerMatters with background check services, human resource systems, training platforms, fundraising systems and websites.



24/7 YMCA-Dedicated Customer Service Portal

  • Search an online knowledge base
  • View recorded training seminars
  • Submit and manage electronic support tickets


Also Available

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Live chat and telephone support
  • On-site consulting/training
  • Specialized, on-demand training