VolunteerMatters | Why Invest in Volunteerism? – in 90 Seconds
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Why Invest in Volunteerism? – in 90 Seconds


27 Oct Why Invest in Volunteerism? – in 90 Seconds

There is only one true reason to make an investment in Volunteerism.  That is to serve every human being’s innate need to make the world a better place… for ourselves, our neighbors and our children. And you are in a unique position to help serve that intrinsic need.

VolunteerMatters exists to help your organization unleash the power of volunteerism in a way that is effective and sustainable – assuring it not only saves time and money but generates new resources and revenue.

It all starts by creating an extraordinary volunteer experience.  We will stand by your side, doing the heavy lifting to implement proven policies, practices, and tools that guarantee success.  We’ll help you to:

  •  Effectively promote volunteerism
  •  Eliminate barriers to engagement
  •  Empower your staff, volunteers and partners with new tools and resources.
  •  Provide all of the analytics your heart could desire.

By making this investment in volunteerism, together we will bring in thousands of new people, strengthen the value of membership, unearth a mountain of potential donations, and make your organization one that corporations, foundations, and grant makers will enthusiastically support… But most importantly, we will work together to be a more powerful force for good in the world.