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About Us

An investment in volunteerism yields significant dividends.  First and foremost it empowers us to expand our capacity to serve.  In support of that goal, volunteerism enables us to attract and retain new members/customers, increase individual donations, build corporate partnerships, and improve our brand by demonstrating our commitment to making the world a better place.


Each member of the VolunteerMatters team believes that our work is more than just delivering a suite of services.  We believe to our core that our mission is to ignite purpose-driven organizations to become a greater force for good in our world through the power of volunteerism.  We are very grateful to be in a position to help organizations expand volunteerism.  It is through our many customers we can make a profound difference in the world.

How We’re Different


We don’t see ourselves as a software provider. That seems kind of strange coming from a company whose primary source of income comes from software sales. To us, the software is secondary. We believe strongly that the things we choose to focus on are very important in determining our direction and level of success. Therefore, we choose to focus on developing extraordinary volunteer programs – no matter what the obstacle or need, we want to be a part of that solution. Often times, we find there is a technical solution. Other times, it’s strategy, policy, or human development. This mindset has shaped us into a much better resource for our customers – and coincidentally, a fantastic software provider. It’s because we’re focused on the right things. With every interaction, we ask ourselves, “How can we improve this experience so that our customers can have an even greater impact on the world?” It is because we don’t limit our thinking that we can be a better partner.


Because we are obsessed with continuously growing, improving and adding value, we are able to offer outstanding results for our clients. We’ve successfully served many types of organizations – ranging from large national corporations, to national non-profits with hundreds of locations and hundreds of thousands of volunteers, to national membership organizations, to localized food pantries. In every case, we’ve picked up valuable insight that has earned us a PHD in ‘getting stuff done and adding value’. We deliver a diverse team of experts that create synergy for our clients – including industry experts, product experts, software engineers, project managers, and in-house, US-based account and service managers.

Our Capacity for Large Organizations


VolunteerMatters runs in the Amazon Cloud which is the best-of-class cloud platform serving hundreds of thousands of organizations world-wide.  It means your systems will run reliably and securely, providing scalable and elastic access to storage, bandwidth and processing power. Our systems are specifically designed to support large multi-location organizations with hundreds of sites and millions of users.  Because of this structure, we can provide administration, functionality, and reporting at several tiers.  If you want to look at things on a program level, for a specific site, regionally, or nationally, we can do that easily – because it’s how our systems were designed from the ground up.