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VolunteerMatters provides additional risk management services to our members specific to volunteer management. The tool will provide our members a technology resource that will help them activate, engage, and manage their nonprofit volunteer program, saving them time and the ability to accomplish more without increasing their team’s workload.

VolunteerMatters leverages technology to promote the member’s volunteer opportunities and reduce associated risks.

We feel the addition of risk management services to support volunteer activities will be welcomed by our members and promotes our philosophy of innovation at NIA.

Exclusive Benefits:
FREE 14-day Trial
FREE Intellicorp background check Integration
NIA Subsidized Setup Fee
33.33% Discount for Annual Contract

14 Days FREE. No Obligation. Pick Your Plan!

Growing Plan

$199 Setup Fee
$2,268 12 mo Subscription
-$199 NIA Setup Subsidy
-$378 Annual Discount
-$378 NIA Promotional Discount

$1,512 12 months

Free background check integration ($299 Value)
Pay after 14 Days with no obligation


2 Admins

250 Volunteers

Best For:
Volunteer programs with dozens of volunteers looking to grow

  • Mobile-Responsive Volunteer Portal
  • Attendance/Time Tracking
  • Volunteer Project Management
  • Automated Volunteer Reminders
  • Automation Triggers via Zapier pZapier (rhymes with 'happier') empowers you to connect VolunteerMatters with thousands of other software service providers to automate workflows.


  • 30-day Zoom Success Coaching ($200)
    Kiosk ($590/yr)

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Professional Plan

$599 Setup Fee
$4,308 12 mo Subscription
-$599 NIA Setup Subsidy
-$718 Annual Discount
-$718 NIA Promotional Discount

$2,872 12 months

Free background check Integration ($299 Value)
Pay after 14 Days with no obligation

Starts with:

10 Admins

2,000 Volunteers

Best For:
Volunteer programs with 100’s of volunteers run by a professional staff

Everything in Growing Plus:
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Text Reminders and Alerts
  • Kiosk Check-In/Out
  • Live Chat Support
  • Multi-Tier Administration pAssign administrative user to specific volunteer projects with limited access.


  • Training LMS ($1,190/yr)
  • Text/SMS Recruiting  ($590/yr)

Free Up Staff Time.

Keep Volunteers Vetted & Qualified.

Engage Happy Volunteers.

Professionalize Your Procedures.

Follow a Proven Recipe for Extraordinary Volunteerism.

Realtime Support from Volunteer Professionals.

Volunteers touch every aspect of our organization! They sort donations, they work directly with clients to choose appropriate interview attire, they act as career mentors, staff our annual fundraiser and have even represented us in a local parade.

I chose VolunteerMatters for 2 main reasons - the customer service and the reporting features. Prior to VolunteerMatters I worked with a competitor whose customer service did not respond in a timely manner, or when they did it was with caustic or belittling responses.  The reports were pre set and often didn't match the information I needed.

The VolunteerMatters chat support feature is a life saver and they are so patient with my endless questions.  From a reporting perspective, it is nice to be able to create custom searches and export volunteer information in just a few clicks.

Courtney Shannon

Dress for Success Cincinnati

OUTMemphis volunteers not only represent but carry out our mission to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for the Mid-South LGBTQ+ community.

With only 12 full-time staff members, compared to the thousands of community members served, volunteers are truly the backbone of bringing our strategic plan to life. Before working at OUTMemphis as a staff member, I volunteered for more than 3 years as a front-desk assistant and as a youth group facilitator. We used Volgistics to sign up for shifts, but that was basically it. I never engaged with my volunteer profile, there were no specific titles or positions I could hold, and I never received any communication from the volunteer coordinator through the platform (just direct emails). With VolunteerMatters, all of those functions and more are accessible, interactive, and autonomous. Not only do volunteers self-schedule their shifts, they can also self-report the hours they've worked and edit their profile preferences to their liking. There's an unlimited amount of shift roles that I can create, so volunteers can work with me to create their own role, schedule, or position! VolunteerMatters aligns seamlessly with our value of having a fully-engaged community that can create its own opportunities.

As stated above, Volgistics did not have the visual or operational format that I was looking for as a new hire. Given the tremendous growth we've experienced over the pandemic, I wanted a platform that had the infrastructure to be more than a scheduling tool. VolunteerMatters also acts as a volunteer hub for OUTMemphis. And with volunteers being one of our foundational values, it's been easy to create a space where any questions can be answered, new opportunities can be viewed without a login, and all volunteer communication can be consolidated in one place.

Anu Iyer


Because of the current Afghan refugee crisis, the Nationalities Service Center went from 100 to 1,000 volunteers almost overnight. Our previous systems put into place simply did not scale. We would not have been able to pull any of this off without VolunteerMatters.

During the height of the Afghan crisis, we needed both child care volunteers and volunteers to distribute meals everyday. With the help of VolunteerMatters we were able to have hundreds of volunteers access a platform to sign up for these tasks. The platform was user-friendly, and allowed us to clear volunteers in a timely manner.

Our volunteers at NSC grew by tenfold during that time. This extreme growth allowed us to take a look at the way we approach volunteerism. We learned quickly we needed a better way to advertise volunteer openings to the public and process clearances. VolunteerMatters allowed us to do that in a clean and organized way, which freed up staff to focus on programming rather than administrative tasks.

Jackie McCann

Nationalities Service Center

The Ion Center could not fully carry out our mission if not for the incredible, compassionate advocacy of our volunteers. We wanted a volunteer management system that could fully capture everything we needed: scheduling, reminders, storing all needed documents for program monitoring, and the functionality of giving us impact reports about volunteer hours. VolunteerMatters does all of that and more. I feel that the program has helped us find a stronger organizational system for our volunteers, and lessens the amount of time that it was taking for our volunteer coordinator to collect data, thus allowing them to spend more time on recruitment of volunteers.

Melissa Greenwell

The Ion Center for Violence Prevention

Volunteers are a critical part of the Mystic Valley YMCA's ability to meet its mission. We offer multiple programs addressing Food Insecurity, including operating 3 food pantries which collectively distribute over 2.5 million pounds of free, nutritious food annually to the 29,000 individuals we serve.

We became interested in VolunteerMatters when the number of volunteers we had spiked during the service demands presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple administrative staff were coordinating the recruitment, screening, onboarding, placement and support of volunteers while simultaneously working in direct service and it was too easy for paperwork management to get confusing or for people to fall through the cracks and get frustrated that the process was taking longer than anticipated. VolunteerMatters enabled us to create volunteer opportunities unique to our sites and different programs, streamline our credentialing process, keep all volunteer information in one location, integrate with our online training provider for any required trainings, and more.

We are more organized and able to move volunteers through our process much more quickly and efficiently, all while ensuring that every volunteer has completed all of the required policy review and approval, safety training, and background check screenings. We just went through our first round of annual reminders to volunteers, and that automated process was very helpful in making sure that our volunteers have refresher training and new background checks each year.

Lindsay Smythe

Mystic Valley YMCA