VolunteerMatters | Program Analysys
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Program Analysys

Volunteer Program Analysis


It is critically important to understand the types of volunteerism you currently support as well as the type of volunteer organization you would like to become.


Project Identification
During this analysis we will lead your organization and its business units in a process that will identify the different programs, events, and special initiatives that currently leverage volunteer support.  For each, we will identify the different needs and roles volunteers serve as well as the management structure to support them.

Project Naming and Classification
VolunteerMatters will define naming conventions and methods for classifying projects for the purpose of administrative reporting and volunteer matching.

Volunteer Program Management Guidelines


VolunteerMatters will develop and distribute documentation for each volunteerism stakeholder providing clear instructions on their role in promoting volunteerism, inviting volunteers, advertising via social media, managing attendance and hour tracking, properly classifying projects, receiving in-facility volunteer guests, and reporting.