VolunteerMatters | Assessments
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We will assess the policies, procedures, enforcement and auditing mechanisms your organization has in place to assure your volunteer workforce can perform their service effectively and safely.  The assessment will produce a report with a risk protection rating, a summary of strengths, and recommendations to address any gaps.

Operational Impact
VolunteerMatters will conduct a concise assessment to establish a baseline and identify opportunities for growth.  The survey  provides an evaluation in each of the following areas: promoting volunteerism, barriers to engagement, empowering staff, empowering volunteers, giving thanks, getting feedback, and measuring impact.


Growth Impact
VolunteerMatters will conduct a ‘return on investment’ assessment for your volunteer program to help determine the true value of growing your organization’s volunteerism.  This assessment focuses on the financial savings from efficient operations, the value of growing volunteer participation, as well as the potential financial impact on fundraising, corporate partnerships, membership, and improved brand awareness/value.