VolunteerMatters | Integration
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VolunteerMatters can be integrated with 3rd party services or your internal systems to seamlessly exchange data, creating efficiencies and improving the volunteer experience.


Background Check Integration


Getting a new or returning volunteer on-boarded as quickly as possible while ensuring a high degree of safety and security is a major priority for VolunteerMatters and our customers. Streamlining the criminal background check process for volunteers is no exception.  VolunteerMatters offers a completely seamless 2-step application process by integrating with 3rd-party background check service providers.  We will work with you to create a new account with the background check service provider (or connect to an existing account).  From there, we’ll handle everything else.  Volunteer coordinators can tailor background check requirements based on the task your volunteers will be asked to perform as well as the people they’ll be working with.   Whenever a background check is required, the volunteer is prompted to self-submit an application. If a background check is returned “clean”, the volunteer is automatically approved to fulfill their assignments.  Since more than 90% of background checks do not contain any convictions, this greatly reduces the manpower required to run and review checks.  In the less than 10% of cases where a background check requires review, the system will notify designated administrators to review the background check report for approval. 

Learning Management Integration


Proper training is a critical element to onboarding volunteers and providing them with the tools necessary to be successful.  VolunteerMatters allows you to define any number of ‘learning credentials’ that may be required of all volunteers or are required for specific volunteer jobs/roles.  An integrating learning credential allows VolunteerMatters to integrate with a 3rd party learning management system to initiate and track the completion of online training courses.


  • Require a learning credential (online course) for a specific volunteer job or for all volunteers.
  • When a volunteer attempts to sign up for a job that requires a learning credential they do not have, the system enrolls them in the course behind the scenes and provides the volunteer with on-screen instructions and the link to the course in the learning management system.
  • VolunteerMatters drives the volunteer directly to the course in the 3rd party learning management system using single sign-on (SSO) to eliminate the need for the user to login to a second service.
  • VolunteerMatters receives automated notice when a course has been completed and updates the volunteer’s learning credential accordingly.
  • The volunteer receives reminders with instructions and links to the required courses they have yet to complete/pass: a) every time they login to the volunteer portal b) in assignment confirmation emails and c) in assignment reminder emails.
  • Organizers and administrators receive daily or weekly notifications on all assignments where a credential conflict exists (i.e., a volunteer has not completed their required course.)



Zapier provides a development standard which allows VolunteerMatters subscribers to integrate with hundreds of other service providers in the Zapier community.  VolunteerMatters can be configured to notify Zapier whenever a new volunteer registers, when a new sign-up occurs, or when a sign-up changes (i.e., the volunteer arrived or completed their assignment).  You may then use any one of the 700+ Zapier community members to “do” something with that information.  For example, here are just a few of the actions you can automatically initiate at the moment a new volunteer registers:


  • Confirm the assignment with the volunteer via text or phone message
  • Send a department head an email, chat message, text or phone message
  • Add a record to your Salesforce database
  • Prompt the volunteer to fill out a survey
  • Send the volunteer a physical ‘Thank You’ card
  • Tweet about it
  • Send a Facebook friend request
  • Add them to your Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or Emma mailing list
  • Prompt for a donation