VolunteerMatters | Risk Protection
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Risk Protection

Volunteer Onboarding and Risk Protection


VolunteerMatters provides the services necessary to assure the risks associated with a volunteer workforce are mitigated.  Our goal is to maintain  a high level of safety and security while simultaneously streamlining processes to keep the barrier to engagement for volunteers as low as possible.

Identify Risk Pools
VolunteerMatters will identify the different types of volunteers leveraged throughout your organization and categorize them into different risk pools based on the tasks they perform, the groups they interact with, and the level of autonomy provided.   

Define Compliance Requirements for Risk Pools
For each risk pool we will identify requirements for the volunteer application and credentialing.  This includes all signed agreements, training, certifications, documentation, and background checks that must be on record for a volunteer. For each requirement we will also define when and if it needs to be repeated and also the approval policy for each.

Risk Management Guardians
We will also help to identify the individuals throughout your organization and across all business units that will be included in the implementation and enforcement of risk management policies.  This typically includes anyone that is involved with volunteer application/on-boarding, recruitment, and coordination.  VolunteerMatters will document how each stakeholder participates in the implementation and enforcement of risk management policies.

Risk Management Policy Guidelines


VolunteerMatters will develop and distribute documentation for each volunteerism stakeholder providing clear instructions on their role in implementing and enforcing risk management policy.  This would include guidelines for staff directly working with volunteers at the project level, those responsible for managing volunteers for a division/location/region, and those responsible for overseeing risk management credentials organization-wide.  We include procedures, contacts, and resources for processing applications, adjudicating credential applications, as well as identifying, reporting and resolving credential conflicts.