VolunteerMatters | System Configuration
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System Configuration

Base Configuration


We will deploy a unique, secure instance of VolunteerMatters dedicated to your organization.  The instance will be customized to your organization’s needs.


Volunteer Portal Branding


The VolunteerMatters portal will be customized to incorporate customer-specific styling to match your organization’s color theme, fonts, and images.  This project will include a review of your existing brand elements  to develop look and feel for your portal that allows a seamless transition from your website to the volunteer portal.  The scope of services for this product includes a review of comparative design materials (your existing website, brochures, etc.), technical definition of style requirements (e.g., specific color codes, fonts, and images), the development of sample visual designs for customer approval including revisions, implementation of design in a test environment, release of design to the live/production environment.


Welcome Video
VolunteerMatters will produce a video introducing your volunteers to the new portal, providing guidance on the project catalog, search tools, application, my-profile, volunteer sign-up, check-in/out, email notifications/reminders, and username/password tools.  The video will include screencasts from your organization’s custom-branded and configured VolunteerMatters system.


Custom Messaging
The system will be configured with you custom message templates for portal invitations, project invitations, confirmations, reminders and thank you emails that may be generated manually or automatically through the system.



Project Classification

The system will be configured with customized tags and tag groups for the purpose of volunteer project search, matching and reporting.


Project Catalog Configuration

VolunteerMatters provides a central catalog for prospective and existing volunteers to browse and search for volunteer opportunities that best fit their skills and interests.  The qualities by which volunteers can search for opportunities will be customized to meet your needs.  


Volunteer Forms

The system will be configured with several forms to serve volunteer data including requirements for the volunteer-facing application form and profile page as well as the admin-facing volunteer contact detail page.  The form/page may consider field types, grouping, required vs. optional, and dependencies.


Native Credentials

The system will be configured to include any native credentials required of all volunteers or those that may be job/need-specific.  Native credentials include a) electronic agreements that must be accepted or signed by the volunteer (e.g., liability waiver, consent statement, policy statement) and b) certifications which may include the option to associate a file upload providing documentation or proof of accreditation (e.g., driver’s license, CPR certification, medical license). Integrated credentials including background checks and online courses/learning are not included with the base configuration.  Please ask about options for 3rd party integration for these and other services.


Initial Data Imports

VolunteerMatters will provide templates for any contact data, volunteer history and credential history.  Assistance will be provided to import the clean data to seed your new volunteer database.


Training/ System Certification

Your subscription includes unlimited access to the VolunteerMatters Learning Management System where users can enroll in online courses to increase their skills in promoting, managing, and building volunteer programs.  All volunteerism stakeholders can get up to speed quickly and at their convenience on the systems and tools designed to encourage efficiency and compliance with good policy.  


Web Links and Backlinks

VolunteerMatters will identify public-facing websites that should advertise volunteerism and provide sample language, links, and html button code to the new volunteer portal project catalog. We will also enter backlinks from the volunteer portal to those individual websites.


Portal Announcements/Project Invitation

Invite existing/imported volunteers to the new portal (email and web-links) and existing and new volunteers to specific projects (invitations, social media, web-links)