VolunteerMatters | Training
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On-Site Training/Workshops


VolunteerMatters offers on-site training workshops covering a range of topics related to volunteerism but tailored to the needs of your organization.  On-site workshops are often designed in conjunction with consulting services to define guidelines and standards for volunteer program definition, structure, management, reporting, and risk management.  Training on the use of the software systems are typically achieved via online certification courses.  However, on-site training does enhance software training – especially when considering the reinforcement of how organization-specific guidelines and standards are implemented and enforced through the systems.

On-site training is typically designed for groups of 10 or more users.  We employ a hands-on, instructor-led experience where your users can listen and watch the instructor review volunteer and administrative tasks but also directly participate in interactive case studies.  Users tend to bring a problem-oriented way of thinking to workplace training. Case studies are an excellent way to capitalize on this type of learning. By analyzing real job-related situations, users can learn how to handle similar situations. They can also see how various elements of a job work together to streamline processes and solve problems.  Trainings can be broken up into several sessions to address different types of users according to role, program area, and/or location.  This approach requires a classroom type facility where the trainee to computer ratio is 1:1 or at most 2:1 for optimal learning.