The Guide to Extraordinary Volunteerism Video Course

At VolunteerMatters, we believe nonprofits should have all the people and tools they need to succeed in their mission. And during this time of COVID-19, we know how challenging it has been for non-profits to navigate this time.

That’s why we are opening up our 8.5-hour video course and making it free to the public. This training course will help your non-profit understand the common pitfalls of where non-profits go wrong in volunteerism and what you can do to transform your volunteer program into something that is more powerful than ever and requires less of your staff’s time.

This course is normally $599 per person, but we are opening it up to everyone for free. If you are interested in a proven recipe for extraordinary volunteerism, then this course is right for you.

In addition to the video content, you will also receive templates, downloads, and homework assignments to directly impact your volunteer program.