Volunteer Engagement

Simplified and Amplified

Free Up Staff Time.

Keep Volunteers Vetted & Qualified.

Engage Happy Volunteers.

Professionalize Your Procedures.

Follow a Proven Recipe for Extraordinary Volunteerism.

Realtime Support from Volunteer Professionals.

Mobile Responsive Portal

Your staff will be empowered to manage volunteer engagement from the palm of their hands.  Your volunteers can apply, sign-up, check-in/out, manage their profile, run their own reports, and submit feedback from any device.

Landing Pages

Easily launch a recruitment landing page for each of your projects.  Provide clarity around the volunteer opportunity and how/when your volunteers can participate. Let the sign-ups begin!  

Volunteer Registration

Completely customize your volunteer application and approval process per volunteer position.  Unique vetting and onboarding requirements may include:

    • Electronic agreements
    • Background checks
    • Certifications
    • Trainings
    • Reference checks
    • More



“The VolunteerMatters’ interface is straightforward, allowing our very senior volunteers to navigate with ease.  The platform also allows to set up a check-in/out kiosk, which is a big time saver for us.”

Frantz Brutus – Military Heritage Museum

Automated Communications.

Volunteers receive automated confirmations and reminders via email or text based on the preferences they set in their profile.  Automated communications notify administrators when action is required, thank volunteers and request their feedback. Administrators may also manually initiate communications to invite potential and active volunteers to sign up for specific needs. Invitees can be selected from the contact database according to skills, interests, qualifications and preferences.

Attendance Tracking

Automate attendance tracking with our kiosk web app that can run on any device.  Alternatively, your volunteers can check-in and out from their personal smartphone.  You can also activate geo-fencing that assures volunteers are on-site before allowing check-in from their phone.

“VolunteerMatters helps give our volunteers the sense of belonging and membership they deserve.”

Jacob Williams – K9s for Warriors

More Features

Promoting Volunteerism

  • Volunteer Project Catalog
  • Recruitment Landing Pages
  • Email Invitations
  • Social Media Integration

Eliminating Barriers to Engagement

  • Electronic Agreements
  • Background Checking
  • Volunteer Training
  • No App to Download
  • Empower Your People

My Volunteer Portal

  • Self Sign-up/Check-in
  • Multi-tier Volunteer Administration
  • Automated Alerts/Reminders
  • Giving Thanks

Automated Thank Yous

  • Important Dates
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Appreciation Events 
  • Get Feedback

Automated Feedback Poll

  • Narrative Capture
  • Response Rates
  • Project Ratings
  • Measure Impact

Customizable Reporting

  • Volunteer Activity
  • Credential History
  • Excel Friendly