VolunteerMatters | Pricing
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We specialize in organizations that believe volunteerism is a key factor in serving their mission and therefore have made or want to make a sincere investment in building an extraordinary volunteer program.  These organization recognize that volunteerism empowers us to better serving our communities, enables us to attract and retain new members/customers, increases individual donations, builds corporate partnerships, and improves our brand value.

Every new client requires an initial consulting engagement to tailor a solution that will make their volunteer program exceptional.  It’s more than facilitating volunteer coordination. It’s consulting to nurture relationships and create value – to mitigate risk and improve security – to streamline operations – to make the entire volunteer program extraordinary.  We provide a suite of services to assure a successful rollout.  Some of these services you may be able to fulfill in-house and others you may decide are better to outsource to VolunteerMatters.  There may even be a few you hadn’t thought of and would still like to do yourself.  We are happy with any mix you feel is best for your project.  The most important determinant of success is that these steps are being considered.


The total subscription cost is calculated by the number of locations/sites, the number of system users (administrators, site managers, organizers, and volunteers) and the number of kiosk licenses.  Subscriptions start at $300/mo with an annual commitment.