Love Your Volunteer Software
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Let your volunteer coordinators do their best work. With a volunteerism toolset that makes managing everything in one place a delight.

Annual Billing

Monthly Billing

Growing Plan

paid annually
$399 Setup Fee

paid monthly
$399 Setup Fee

Starts with:

2 Admins

250 Volunteers

Starts with:

2 Admins

250 Volunteers

Best For:
Volunteer programs with dozens of volunteers looking to grow

  • Mobile Responsive Volunteer Portal
  • Attendance/Time Tracking
  • Volunteer Project Management
  • Automated Volunteer Reminders
  • Automation Triggers via Zapier pZapier (rhymes with 'happier') empowers you to connect VolunteerMatters with thousands of other software service providers to automate workflows.


  • Kiosk ($59/mo)


  • Kiosk ($590/year)

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Professional Plan

paid annually
$599 Setup Fee

paid monthly
$599 Setup Fee

Starts with:

10 Admins

2,000 Volunteers

Best For:
Volunteer programs with 100’s of volunteers run by a professional staff

Everything in Growing Plus:
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Text Reminders and Alerts
  • Kiosk Check-In/Out
  • Live Chat Support
  • Multi-tier Administration


  • Training LMS ($119/mo)
  • Text/SMS recruiting ($59/mo)


  • Training LMS ($1190/year)
  • Text/SMS recruiting ($590/year)

Enterprise Plan

Custom Quote

Bulk Pricing:


Admins & Volunteers

Best For:
Large organizations with distributed management & advanced integrations

Everything in Professional Plus:
  • APIs, Webhooks, SSO/SAML
  • Concierge Support pAssigned a dedicated account manager for the setup process through the lifetime of your subscription, advanced assistance with policy implementation, system configuration, imports, and volunteer project strategy.
  • Multi-Site Distributed Architecture
  • Bulk License Discounts
  • Custom Development & Policy Consulting

Volunteers are vital to our program, freeing up bandwidth & absorbing workload from paid staff members. Our late & great founder, Shari Duval, always said that “the volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization.” She was definitely correct.

I have the pleasure of working with VolunteerMatters and of the great people, support and help that comes with it. The program is extremely intuitive and simple to use. When newly trained volunteers are granted access to VolunteerMatters, it helps give them the sense of belonging & membership they deserve.

Jacob Williams

K9s for Warriors

What Makes VolunteerMatters Different?

  • Can’t beat our product support
  • Super duper easy to use for volunteers and staff
  • Nobody vets and onboards volunteers like our systems do
  • World class sophistication and customizability whether you have 200 or 200,000 volunteers
  • We have a secret recipe


Is it True that Jeff Bezos is a Personal Friend?

No. However, we do host VolunteerMatters in the Amazon Cloud which means our product is highly scalable and secure.  We get to leverage this massive infrastructure to meet your needs with complete reliability. 

But, Jeff, if you’re reading this, let’s get lunch sometime.  I’d love to tell you how we’re helping hundreds of thousands of volunteers to change the world.

OUTMemphis volunteers not only represent but carry out our mission to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for the Mid-South LGBTQ+ community.

With only 12 full-time staff members, compared to the thousands of community members served, volunteers are truly the backbone of bringing our strategic plan to life. Before working at OUTMemphis as a staff member, I volunteered for more than 3 years as a front-desk assistant and as a youth group facilitator. We used Volgistics to sign up for shifts, but that was basically it. I never engaged with my volunteer profile, there were no specific titles or positions I could hold, and I never received any communication from the volunteer coordinator through the platform (just direct emails). With VolunteerMatters, all of those functions and more are accessible, interactive, and autonomous. Not only do volunteers self-schedule their shifts, they can also self-report the hours they've worked and edit their profile preferences to their liking. There's an unlimited amount of shift roles that I can create, so volunteers can work with me to create their own role, schedule, or position! VolunteerMatters aligns seamlessly with our value of having a fully-engaged community that can create its own opportunities.

As stated above, Volgistics did not have the visual or operational format that I was looking for as a new hire. Given the tremendous growth we've experienced over the pandemic, I wanted a platform that had the infrastructure to be more than a scheduling tool. VolunteerMatters also acts as a volunteer hub for OUTMemphis. And with volunteers being one of our foundational values, it's been easy to create a space where any questions can be answered, new opportunities can be viewed without a login, and all volunteer communication can be consolidated in one place.

Anu Iyer


Success Coaching

When you start with us, you’ll be assigned to a success coach that will get on live Zoom calls to help you maximize your use of VolunteerMatters. Who provides that level of support to assure your volunteer programs are truly extraordinary?  We do!


    Backed by Volunteer Professionals

    Many software providers make the mistake of assigning technical people to their support teams.  We’re different.  We staff our support team with professionally trained volunteer coordinators.  And we make sure they know our software inside out too.  This way, you get the best of both worlds and interact with people who totally understand your needs.

    At the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, volunteers play a vital role in the fulfillment of our mission. They are involved at the highest levels of leadership and strategy in board and committee positions as well as on the frontlines as food distribution line helpers, camp counselors, membership ambassadors, volunteer campaigners and more. We are only able to have the incredible impact we do because we are supported by and partnered with our volunteers.

    A team of staff and volunteer leaders at the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles spent significant time in discussion with one another and with YMCA colleagues across the country to determine how best to address our need to more thoughtfully manage the volunteer registration and onboarding process. We discovered that VolunteerMatters exceeded our expectations early in the relationship. The benefits we have already experienced and foresee continuing are many and varied: easy access for volunteers and the ability to see and sign up for multiple opportunities; ability for staff to broadcast opportunities to large and/or specific audiences; centralized and consistent data collection and reporting; and more.

    Prior to VolunteerMatters, we had several different types of software to track volunteers, most recently an Oracle-based customized system we called “YMAPSS.” We had also contemplated using other platforms that we currently use for other purposes such as Raiser’s Edge, ActiveNet, and even Dayforce. Ultimately we selected VolunteerMatters due to its background  in YMCA volunteerism, the positive feedback we received from other associations that had already begun using the system, and the excellent customer service provided by all members of the VolunteerMatters team from Support all the way to the President.

    Lisa Van Ingen Pope

    YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to get started?
    Growing Plan Customers can be launched and go-live the same day as we receive your order!  Often Professional and Enterprise deployments take a little longer based on whether data is being migrated from another system, if an integration to a 3rd party system is involved, whether or not your organization is revisiting policies as we implement, and the number of administrators involved in the training and coaching.  Typical Professional Plan deployments go live in 2-4 weeks and Enterprise deployments 4-8 weeks.  With that being said, the timeline mostly depends on how quickly you are ready to move.  If you’re ready to go, we are too!

    How can we invite volunteers into our new portal?
    If you have good data on your volunteers, we suggest you import/upload your volunteers’ profile information from a spreadsheet then use our “Portal Invitation” tool to send an invitation email to those imported contacts inviting them to set their password in the new volunteer portal. 

    Can I migrate the volunteer data I have in a different system?
    Absolutely!  For all plans, we have import tools to migrate volunteer contact data (names, addresses, emails, skills, interests, schedule preferences, and whatever else you’ve got).  For Professional and Enterprise Plans, you may also import volunteer credentials (have they signed waivers, been background checked, completed certain training, etc.) and volunteer history (what, when, and how they have volunteered in the past). 

    Do you have an app?  Will your system work well on a phone?
    VolunteerMatters was designed as a mobile-first web application.  What the heck does that mean?  It means that our software runs in a web browser and works equally as well from a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.  Additionally, it means that the full suite of functionality is available to all volunteers and administrators regardless of the type of device they are on.  Cool, right?

    Is VolunteerMatters user friendly?
    We have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure our service is easy to use on any device for individuals or groups, for different types of volunteerism (in-person versus virtual), for different types of assignments (shifts, positions, tasks, or items) and for all age groups.  We are especially proud of our adoption amongst senior volunteers.


      What if my volunteer doesn’t have or is allergic to technology?
      Anything a volunteer can do on their own within VolunteerMatters an administrator (staff person) can do on their behalf.  So, if you have a volunteer who is truly resistant to any technology, no matter how easy it is to use, then an administrator can enter their application, set up their assignments, and manage their preferences.  With that being said, don’t be surprised if a resistant volunteer takes a look at your new volunteer portal and says, “This is easy!  I can do this!”

      Does VolunteerMatters integrate with other systems?
      We do!  For all Plans, we offer integration through Zapier (rhymes with “happier”).  Zapier  empowers you to connect VolunteerMatters with more than 5,000 apps.  Zapier thinks about software integrations in terms of Triggers and Actions. Activity in one app triggers a resulting action in another app, without you needing to do much work (when compared to traditional direct integrations). VolunteerMatters can send information to 3rd parties via Zapier when a new volunteer registers, sign-up for an assignment, withdraws, checks-in, or adds timesheet hours. Enterprise Plan subscribers also have access to our direct APIs and Webhooks as well as SSO/SAML.. 

      Do you provide a free trial or free subscription?
      We do not.  Our system provides a highly customized experience for our customers.  It is not a cookie-cutter system where every organization has the same experience.  At the start of our partnership, we assign you a dedicated account manager that will work with you to set up and deploy your volunteer portal.  We invest a lot in you, therefore we can’t give it away. 

      You can try out the volunteer experience by visiting our “try it” demo site, browsing the list of mock volunteer opportunities and signing up for one or more assignments.  You may visit the demo system here: Also, upon request we can send you an invitation to perform administrative functions within the “try it” system.

      The Ion Center could not fully carry out our mission if not for the incredible, compassionate advocacy of our volunteers. We wanted a volunteer management system that could fully capture everything we needed: scheduling, reminders, storing all needed documents for program monitoring, and the functionality of giving us impact reports about volunteer hours. VolunteerMatters does all of that and more. I feel that the program has helped us find a stronger organizational system for our volunteers, and lessens the amount of time that it was taking for our volunteer coordinator to collect data, thus allowing them to spend more time on recruitment of volunteers.

      Melissa Greenwell

      The Ion Center for Violence Prevention