Want to amplify your mission with an extraordinary volunteer program?

Let your volunteer coordinators do their best work with tools to centralize, automate, empower and delight.

You’ll participate in a live demo with a co-founder of VolunteerMatters.

Mark HopwoodYou will leave the demo with an understanding of our recipe for extraordinary volunteerism and a live walk-through of the major features of the Professional version of our software that supports the recipe. We encourage you to ask questions throughout to assure the product is a perfect fit.

You’re a great fit for a live demo if ANY of the following are true

    1. You have a volunteer base of hundreds or thousands of volunteers.
    2. Your current volunteer software just isn’t cutting it.
    3. Your paper and Excel processes are struggling.
    4. You’re overwhelmed and worried things are falling between the cracks.
    5. You would like to automate much of your tedious task work.
    6. You believe in empowering volunteers with easy-to-use, self-service and mobile-friendly tools.
    7. You are committed to safety and quality through proper volunteer vetting and training.
    8. You believe the right software and approach can save hundreds of person-hours each year.
    9. You believe your staff deserves the right tools to do their jobs well.

No matter what, you’ll leave the demo learning of a valuable approach employed by many extraordinary volunteer programs.

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